Get organized to eat better

Smart cooking strategies for busy healthy families
Show me some shortcuts please

Imagine the perfect weeknight dinner with your family.

Everyone is eating a delicious, nutritious, plant-based meal with enthusiasm. There are wholesome colorful vegetables and fruits, wholesome grains, and stick-to-your bones protein-rich foods. They were hungry and the dish is appealing, so they are digging in.

Imagine your pride and joy for being a member of that family… and the author of that meal.


Why can’t you have a meal like that tonight?

You have lots of good reasons.

  • You are too exhausted to cook when dinner time comes around
  • The fridge is “empty” (actually, it is full of spoiled produce and leftovers, and year-old condiments)
  • Everyone is so picky, it’s impossible to please them all
  • Your kids (or spouse…) won’t eat green vegetables
  • You were too busy to plan ahead

That’s OK. Those are all good reasons. Modern life is crazy with so much work and so many engagements.

But, you know what? You are what you eat. Your energy level and your capacity to cope with everything life throws at you depends on how well you treat your body. If you eat well, you can accomplish more, and live better. That is entirely within reach.

Except that it does not happen if you leave it to the last minute. You need a plan.

It’s time to GET SMART about meal planning and preparation.


Eating whole foods made from plants (instead of animal products) is better for your health, for the planet, and for the animals. If you are already eating a vegan diet, you rock! If not, crowd meat, dairy and eggs out of your plate by adding more plant-based foods every week. There is a cornucopia of amazing foods to choose from.

  • Seasonal tastes better
  • Local is often more nutritious
  • Organic is great when possible


Making decisions exhausts our willpower, and we have so little of it around dinner time. Decide what you will cook for the week (or month!) ahead when you have a few minutes of quiet time. Reduce the range of options by setting themes for each day of the week. Make a 14-day plan and repeat it twice during the month to further streamline planning – nobody will notice.

  • Use what you have first
  • Feature seasonal ingredients
  • Keep your schedule and commitments in mind


Banish knives and cookbooks from weeknights! Dedicate two hours on the weekend to meal preparation, at a time when you are rested and focused, and save 5+ hours of stressful, aimless activity in the kitchen on weeknights.

  • Cook grains and beans
  • Mix dressings
  • Chop veggies
  • Bake some healthy snacks

Need a vegan meal plan?

Download your free 2-week meal plan consisting of 10 delicious and nutritious dinner recipes that the whole family can enjoy. Designed with your busy family in mind. Includes a prep session plan so you can get organized and feed your family more healthy vegan dinners without losing your mind.

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