Meal planning template: Load Up on Spring Greens!

The arrival of Spring is celebrated with an explosion of green vegetables at farmers' markets. Maybe you have munched on big leaves of cold-resistant kale and collard greens all winter to accompany your root vegetable stews, but now is the time to switch to the fresh,...

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Meal Planning Template: Deep Freeze Days

If we only shopped at supermarkets, we'd never know there is such a thing as seasons. But, unless you live in California, a trip to the farmers' market - if you are even so lucky to have such a thing in your area - in January provides a useful reality check. What is...

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Printable Kit: Vegan Pantry Challenge

The Vegan Pantry Challenge Kit includes some templates you will not find elsewhere, including the Pantry Inventory sheet and the Fridge Inventory. You'll also find a Pantry Meal Cheat Sheet to help you design a simple, classic meal based on pantry staples when...

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Meal Plan Template: 14-Day Planner

Make a bunch of decisions today and just execute for the next two weeks: that's what this 14-day planner can guide you through. This meal plan template is a little different from the previous versions, and perhaps will work best for cooks with an intermediate level of...

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Make the most of your weekend food prep session

An advance food preparation session on the weekend can save hours of your time (and awful headaches!) on weekdays. Just imagine this scene: You know what you will be cooking (thanks to excellent meal planning) and you have collected the necessary groceries. Then, you...

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Vegan Meal Planning 101 (and a Basic Blank Template)

In our “busy” civilization, planning meals for the week gives you a much higher chance to: Eat tasty and healthy food throughout the week, Feed your body and mind all the nutrients you need from a diversity of foods and ingredients, Save money (and your waistline) by...

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