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Articles and videos

Star of the week: Asparagus

Let's talk about child labor. The good kind. Every May and June throughout my childhood, from 7 years old or so, I was awoken by my mom at 5 in the morning. My brother, my dad and I would head out for the sandy field with our sharp knives to cut asparagus. We'd walk...

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How to get the most out of a pantry challenge

The goal of a pantry challenge is not to find out how many days or weeks your family can last on a year-old bottle of ketchup and a bag of pearl barley. It's a learning experience. If you invest a little bit of time upfront, and commit to cooking mindfully, you will...

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11 tips to eat better on vacation

Just like many other vegans with families, I prefer renting a cabin or condo when going on vacation. That way, I have a full kitchen to prepare our meals instead of depending on dubious (and expensive!) restaurant fare. In this video filmed on premises in Hawaii, I...

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  • Unprocessed: My city-dwelling year of reclaiming real food (2015), by Megan Kimble. Read my notes on this Facebook post.

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